Seminar Formal System Analysis (2IMF00)

In 2018/2019 the supervisor of this seminar will be Tim Willemse, see

Below you find the information of the seminar as it was held in in 2017/2018.
Prof Dr H. Zantema, Metaforum 6.078, tel 2749,

Goal, contents:

In this seminar, a group of master students will get in touch with research in the area, as a preparation to the master's project. This will be done in the following ways:

Guidelines for grading
The following issues are the ingredients of the grading:

Staff members:
dr Julien Schmaltz, email:
dr ir Wieger Wesselink, email:
dr Erik de Vink, email:
dr Bas Luttik, email:
dr ir Tim Willemse, email:
prof dr Herman Geuvers, email:
prof dr ir Jan Friso Groote, email:
prof dr Hans Zantema, email:

Participating students:

Astrid Belder,
Mark Bouwman,
Lois Nijland,
Lisette Sanchez,

Review scheme:

Astrid Belder reviews the reports of Mark Bouwman and Lois Nijland
Mark Bouwman reviews the reports of Lois Nijland and Lisette Sanchez
Lois Nijland reviews the reports of Lisette Sanchez and Astrid Belder
Lisette Sanchez reviews the reports of Astrid Belder and Mark Bouwman


date speakers topic
Monday, November 13 Hans Zantema + other staff members Overview, presentations of topics
Wednesday, November 15 all students small presentations on chosen topics
Monday, December 11 Lisette Sanchez and Lois Nijland first presentations
Wednesday, December 13 Mark Bouwman and Astrid Belder first presentations
Monday, December 18 Hans Zantema how to write a report and a review
Monday, January 8 Lisette Sanchez and Lois Nijland final presentations
Wednesday, January 10 Mark Bouwman and Astrid Belder final presentations

Some final reports of last years:
Report of Diana Koenraadt
Report of Frank Staals
Report of Vincent Kusters
Report of Ruud Koolen
Report of Kevin vd Pol
Report of Tali Milea
Report of Vivek Vishal

For presentations the LaTeX beamer package may be used.

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