Irina Kostitsyna

Assistant professor in the Algorithms, Geometry, and Applications cluster at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Eindhoven.

Contact info

Address: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Office: MF 7.080b


You can find the list of my papers at dblp, google scholar, or my research profile at TUe.

My research interests include computational geometry, algorithms for multi-agent systems, and distributed geometric algorithms.

Selected projects

Algorithms for programmable matter

    Algorithms for
    programmable matter
    Multi-robot motion planning

      Multi-robot motion planning
      Algorithms for modular robot reconfiguration

        Algorithms for
        modular robot reconfiguration
        Algorithms for oblivious robots

          Algorithms for oblivious robots
          Beacon routing

            Beacon routing
            Computational geometry

              Computational geometry


              • 2ILX0 Tangible computing, 1st year bachelor (2020 Q4, 2021 Q4, 2022 Q4)
                Tangible computing
                This course is about the fundamental ideas that led to the creation of modern computing systems, and about unconventional computing models that will potentially lead to the computing systems of tomorrow. We discuss basic operations underlying computation in classical computing systems, and see how to implement these operations using unconventional computing methods. We then encounter non-standard models of computation, and discuss their relation to classical computing systems.
              • 2IMA15 Geometric algorithms, master (2018-2021 Q2)
                Geometric algorithms
                In this course we study techniques and concepts needed to design and analyze geometric algorithms and data structures. Each technique and concept is illustrated on the basis of a problem arising in an application area like robotics, computer graphics, and geographic information systems.


              • 2IMG00 Seminar Applied Geometric Algorithms (2018 Q2, 2017 Q2)
              • HA103 Honors track: Competitive Programming and Problem Solving (2018-19 coach, 2017-18 coach)
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              PhD students


              • Dr. Mees van de Kerkhof, "Algorithmic and Experimental Results on Trajectory Data Processing", 2022 (co-supervised with Maarten Löffler and Marc van Kreveld)

              Selected master graduation projects