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 +==== BibTex Cleaner ====
 +While writing my PhD thesis I had 2 issues:
 +  - My references were messy: citations were mixed, styles were mixed, name suffixes ('​van',​ '​de',​ 'van der Aalst'​) were messed up, etc.
 +  - I was looking for anything to do, in order to evade writing.
 +Therefore I hacked together a tool which takes a .bib file (LaTeX bibliography file) and looks up the matching entry in the [[http://​dblp.org/​|DBLP]] database. It then merges the two entries, resulting in one nice bib file. You should then once spend time and effort to setup the citation style you want.
 +The code can be found here: https://​github.com/​joosbuijs/​bibcleaner (use at your own risk!)