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It is my personal belief, and that of our research group, that research should be applied. Especially in the field of process mining, process modelling and analysis of information systems this is important. Therefore, during my scientific career I implemented all of my ideas. This resulted in a tool called XESame and a ProM package called the EvolutionaryTreeMiner.


During my master project (2009/2010) I developed a generic tool to convert data to the event log format. More information about this tool XESame can be found on

Evolutionary Tree Miner

During my PhD my main focus was on the development, extension and improvement of our genetic/evolutionary process discovery algorithm.

As of ProM 6.3 the package can be installed using the ProM Package Manager.

Work on the Evolutionary Tree Miner is continually ongoing. Since the released package is stable and will not be updated until ProM 6.4, most new features and improvements are only available in the development version of the package.

By following the steps as described on the ProM Trac Website the necessary tools are installed. Next the code can be downloaded from The code is publicly available under the GPL license.

Most notable additions are the 'live' view of the development of a Pareto front (see my publication entitled 'Discovering and Navigating a Collection of Process Models using Multiple Quality Dimensions').