Next to making your publications and software open, I believe that you should also make your data open, where possible. Luckily our group agrees (or I agree with the group), so there is a large event log repository at the 4TU data center.

I contributed the following event logs:

  1. BPI Challenge 2015 (even though I'm not the author, I did contribute the data). This is a particularly nice dataset because it contains 5 event logs that are comparable, but from different organizations. The data concerns handling of building permits and contains several phases in the process, set 'target dates', actor information, etc. Hence quite rich data to use!
  2. Environmental permit application process: is the predecessor of the BPI Challenge 2015 data. This collection contains fewer data (~1 year less), no translations of the activity names to english, etc.
  3. Receipt phase of an environmental permit application process (‘WABO’), CoSeLoG project is an event log from a municipality handling the receipt of building permits.

Please note: treat data sets as if they were publications and therefore cite properly when you use them in a publication