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 +Next to making your publications and software open, I believe that you should also make your data open, where possible. Luckily our group agrees (or I agree with the group), so there is [[http://​data.4tu.nl/​repository/​collection:​event_logs|a large event log repository at the 4TU data center]].
 +I contributed the following event logs:
 +  - [[http://​data.4tu.nl/​repository/​uuid:​31a308ef-c844-48da-948c-305d167a0ec1|BPI Challenge 2015]] (even though I'm not the author, I did contribute the data). This is a particularly nice dataset because it contains 5 event logs that are comparable, but from different organizations. The data concerns handling of building permits and contains several phases in the process, set '​target dates',​ actor information,​ etc. Hence quite rich data to use!
 +  - [[http://​data.4tu.nl/​repository/​uuid:​26aba40d-8b2d-435b-b5af-6d4bfbd7a270|Environmental permit application process]]: is the predecessor of the BPI Challenge 2015 data. This collection contains fewer data (~1 year less), no translations of the activity names to english, etc.
 +  - [[http://​data.4tu.nl/​repository/​uuid:​a07386a5-7be3-4367-9535-70bc9e77dbe6| Receipt phase of an environmental permit application process (‘WABO’),​ CoSeLoG project]] is an event log from a municipality handling the receipt of building permits.
 +**Please note: treat data sets as if they were publications and therefore cite properly when you use them in a publication**