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Joos Buijs

Joos Buijs (September 2009) Joos Buijs is an Assistant Professor in the Architecture of Information Systems Group (AIS) at the Section of Information Systems (IS) of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Math&CS) at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

For ~50% of his time Joos also works as Research Program Manager at the Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e). Within the DSC/e several research programs are run to increase the internal and external collaboration around several themes.

Joos' research is on the topic of process mining in the group of prof. dr. ir. W.M.P. van der Aalst. His current research interests include:

  1. Process mining in healthcare: costs are rising in healthcare and increasing process efficiency is one of the key changes to make to make the costs manageable. Applying process mining on the abundance of data available in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions allows process improvement based on facts and data. Joos is one of the founding members of the Process Mining 4 Health Care initiative in which several researchers collaborate to apply and promote process mining in the healthcare setting. Joos is working in the Philips flagship 'Data science for Health' where he supervises 2 PhD students. For his research Joos is also actively collaborating with Maxima Medical Center, Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), Maastricht University Medical Center, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek - Nederlands Kanker Instituut, Leiden University Medical Center and others.
  2. Learning analytics: analysing how students learn can be used to improve efficacy and efficiency of MOOCs, but also physical lectures supported by technology (aka the 'flipped classroom'). By applying process mining on learning data insights in the learning process can be obtained, which have proven to be a valuable addition to the data mining results. This research is funded by the European Data Science Academy (EDSA) project.

Next to these research topics Joos is also involved in MOOC creation on the topic of process mining. The first process mining MOOC is the Coursera MOOC "Process Mining: Data Science in Action". Another MOOC is the FutureLearn MOOC "Process mining with ProM", which is a hands-on MOOC where you learn how you can apply process mining on your own data! The third MOOC "Process mining in healthcare" aligns with Joos' main research interest.
Note that all three courses are available online for free, so join now!
All three MOOCs are sponsored by the European Data Science Academy (EDSA) project.

Contact Details

J.C.A.M. (Joos) Buijs MSc PhD (TU/e employee page)
Assistant Professor

Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Information Systems Group
Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e)
Groene Loper 5
5612 AE Eindhoven

Meta Forum room 7.062
Mobile: +31 (0)6 42 77 89 88
Telephone: +31 (0)40 247 3661

More details can be found on the contact details page


A complete description of all my (current) research, and then some, can be found on this dedicated page.

In short, my research can be characterized by the following buzz words topics:

  1. Process Mining, in particular:
    1. Applied in healthcare
    2. Combining other techniques with process mining, such as:
      1. Operations research management
      2. Stochastics / Statistics
      3. Data mining / machine learning in general
    3. Extracting event logs from real life systems;

More Personal Information

More information about Joos himself can be found on:

NOTE: this page easily gets outdated. For a more up-to-date overview of my 'status', feel free to check my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, or contact me directly.