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As I'm officially working 50% of my time as research program manager at the Data Science Center Eindhoven, I officially have no time dedicated to teaching. However, I like to teach and interact, so I'm involved in one course, three online courses, and continuously supervise student assignments/projects.

Instructor for the course 'Advanced Process Mining' (2IMI20), where I setup and grade the assignment (40% of the final grade). In the assignment we use several datasets and run RapidMiner and RapidProM on the data to combine process mining techniques with data mining techniques, and really use the power of RapidMiner.

Luckily we have several online courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) running on the topic of process mining, and I was involved in all three of them. To help you pick which one to follow (first) I compare the three courses in the table below:

Aspect Process mining: Data science in action Process mining with ProM Process mining in healthcare
Platform Coursera FutureLearn FutureLearn
Free to follow? YES YES YES
Year of publication 2014 (update in 2016) 2016 2017
Main focus Theory & concepts Practical use of ProM Application in healthcare
Summary Complete explanation of process mining, including in detail how algorithms work Practical oriented explanation of the process mining tool ProM, with 'need to know' explanation on how algorithms work Application oriented explanation of how process mining is applied / can be applied in the healthcare environment
Can I get a certificate? Yes Yes Yes
Main teacher Wil van der Aalst Joos Buijs Joos Buijs
When can I start Continously and regular sessions The FutureLearn courses are open for the majority of the year but we run a new session 4 or 5 times a year
Length 6 weeks of 3-5 hours each 4 weeks of 3 hours each 4 weeks of 4 hours each
Types of assessment In-video quizzes, tests, peer assignment Quizzes, tests, peer assignment, discussion Quizzes, tests, discussion

In general there are three types of student projects I supervise: MSc. projects, capita selecta and internships.

If you are interested in my research and would like to do a MSc. project or internship, please let me know! Capita selecta assignments are by invitation only.

MSc projects

Open projects

I usually have several options for process mining projects in/with companies or hospitals. As these projects are 'opportunity based', please contact me for the current status of projects.

Current Students

I'm currently co-supervising one student, more are on the way, but there is still room, so please contact me some 3 months in advance.

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Past students