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Jingyue Cao

I am a PhD candidate at the System Architecture and Networks (SAN) group at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).


email:j.cao @ tue.nl
tel: +31 40 2478749

MF 6.108
Den Dolech 2
5600 AA, Eindhoven
The Netherlands


I am conducting my research in the project of Control based on Data-Intensive Sensing. This project is part of the program on Robust Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (rCPS, local, global). It aims at providing a multi-disciplinary design approach for complex and data-intensive control problems.

The driver case of this project is found in electron microscopy. To better navigate and stabilize the sample in the complex electron microscopy system, new control concepts and high-speed data acquisition and processing techniques need to be developed and integrated. The dominant research challenges for us are to relate the Quality of Service (QoS) delivered by the computation and networking architecture of the electron microscope to the Quality of Control (QoC) that is achieved, and to suggest improvements of this architecture with respect to the QoS guarantees.

My supervisors are Johan J. Lukkien and Pieter J. L. Cuijpers.




Master thesis