Requirement Analysis, Design and Verification (RADV, 2IW25)

Last update: August 31, 2009.

Teachers in Eindhoven: J.F. Groote and M.R. Mousavi.

Teacher in Delft: C. Pronk.

Teacher in Enschede: J.C. van de Pol.

Dates of the lectures and the examinations

1st block in semester 2009/2010, wednesday 7/8 hour (AUD 14) and friday 1/2 hour (AUD14). In the second block the lectures are only on wednesdays 7/8 hour (AUD 14). First lecture wednesday September 2, 2009. The exam will take place on November 4, 2009 from 14:00 to 17:00 (register before October 18, 2009). There is a possibility to retry the exam on thursday January 28, 2010, 14:00-17:00 (register before January 10). See for information regarding the location. Final date to hand in the pre-final report for the assigment is January 4, 2010. Final report must be handed in on January 15, 2010. Assignment and exam contribute evenly to the final score. The lecture notes are not allowed to be used at the exam.


A note on verifying your design by Mohammad Mousavi

Mohammad Mousavi wrote a small note on how to verify requirements.

The mCRL2 toolset

For those who want to use the mCRL2 toolset, look at the webpages. Among others, the pages allow to download the tools for various platforms and contain manual pages.

All students can get an account at the notebook service centre (NSC) of the faculty (HG8.86) to use the toolset on Ask access to the directory /scratch/2iw25 where large files can be stored. This can be done by the NSC by putting you in an adequate group. Make your own subdirectory with names group1, group2, etc. If the NSC is closed more information is available at BCF (HG 8.73). In order to use the graphical tools it is necessary to log in using ssh with the `-Y' flag.

For using graphical programs from a windows machine, a X-server must be installed. For a MacOsX machine an X-windowing systems comes with the standard developers distribution (which is also required to compile the toolset). Logging at the svstud can be done using a program like ssh (secure shell).

All the programs on svstud reside in the directory /home/jfg/bin. Example files are in /home/jfg/MCRL2/examples. In case of problems contact All tools have a -help flag that gives a concise description of the tool and its use. All tools can be started via the command line, and most tools work in the squadt environment.

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