Master thesis assignments

Photo Below you find a number of examples of potential assignments for a master thesis. In general there are far more assignments than can be listed here. It is always more fruitful to do a master thesis assignment that matches your interests. Therefore, I invite you to discuss your particular desires with me. Please note that it is wise to at least start with organizing your master thesis two months in advance. Students in Embedded Systems that first have to do a premaster assignment should contact me well before. Doing the premaster assignment beside other courses in part time is very well possible.

If you visit me to discuss potential master thesis assignments, I appreciate if you can bring a list of attended courses. Having completed a fair share of the courses of the Formal System Analysis group (System Validation, Algorithms for Model Checking, Process Algebra, Automated Reasoning, Proving with Computer Assistance) is very desirable to successfully complete your master assignment.

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