Combinatorial Optimization- Topics for bachelor final projects

Supervised by Cor Hurkens:
Running Dinner
Restricted clustering of deliveries
Supervised by Frits Spieksma/Kelin Luo:
The Online Car Sharing Problem

Supervised by Frits Spieksma/Roel Lambers:
Maximizing tension in round robin schedules

Supervised by Frits Spieksma/Celine Swennenhuis:
Machine scheduling with a single server

Successful past projects by Frits Spieksma:
Target set selection
Seat allocation in a parliament
The Traveling Tournament Problem

Supervised by Bart Smeulders:
Three optimization problems related to organ donation

Successful past projects supervised by Bart Smeulders:
Kidney Exchange
Ticket to Ride

Supervised by Christopher Hojny:
Small representations of integral polytopes

Succesful past projects supervised by Christopher Hojny:
Color Refinement: Shrinking linear programs
Finding shortest paths with budget constraints

Supervised by Laura Sanita:
ENT outpatient clinic scheduling during Covid time

Supervised by Laura Sanita/ Aida Abiad:
The h-diameter of a graph

Supervised by Aida Abiad:
New algebraic invariants for distinguishing graphs
On cospectral graphs
Finding new connections of Godsil-McKay switching

Supervised by Judith Keijsper:
The A* algorithm for shortest path and applications

Successful past projects by Judith Keijsper:
Routing snow shovels and gritters in Eindhoven
Bipartite matching and the allocation of children to highschools in Amsterdam

A successful past project supervised by Rudi Pendavingh:
(See for a more elaborate project description: hyperfields project )

For a new subject in mutual agreement, see his project website for an indication.