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TU/e Stochastics Colloquium

Location: MF 11 (4th floor)
Time: Wed, 15:45–16:45

Upcoming Talks

May 26 Phil Whiting (Macquarie University)
Compute and Forward for Wireless Networks - Scheduling and Capacity in Heterogenous Networks

Past Talks

May 6 Botond Szabó (CWI and Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Adaptive horseshoe estimation
Apr 29 Balázs Ráth (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Multiplicative coalescent with linear deletion: a rigid representation
Apr 22 Elena Pulvirenti (Leiden)
Metastability for the Widom-Rowlinson model
Mar 18
Rui Castro (TU/e)
On adaptive sensing for inference of structured sparse signals
Mar 11 Carlo Lancia (University of Rome TorVergata)
Parallel TASEP on a ring: blockage problem and non-analyticity of the current
Mar 4 Daniel Valesin (Groningen)
Percolation on the stationary distribution of the voter model on Z^d
Feb 25 Stella Kapodistria (TU/e)
Scheduling preventive maintenance on a wind turbine based on quantitative data
Feb 3 Martin Roth (KNMI and TU/e)
Analysis of trends in extreme rainfall: A regional approach
Feb 3 Murtuza Ali Abidini (TU/e)
Performance Analysis in Optical Networks
Jan 27 Laurens Smit (Leiden University)
Explicit Solutions, Properties and Applications of DES and RES Markov processes
Jan 10 Tobias Muller (Utrecht University)
A hyperbolic model for complex networks
Jan 6 Robert Fitzner (Stockholm Universiteit)
Using Super-Resolution Microscopy to Probe Exchange Pathways (a joint venture of chemistry and mathematics)

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Organizers Rui M. Castro
Stella Kapodistria
Julia Komjathy
Alessandro Zocca

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