Math related links
  • Tim Hulshof: This is the website of my husband who decided to start a competition about who can make a nicer webpage and clearly won. Annoying. :)
  • Balint Toth: In the teaching section, Balint keeps amazing lecture notes, (mostly with some minor Hungarian text in between) about characteristic functions, limit theorems in probability, stable variables, etc. and I still return to them sometimes
  • Remco van der Hofstad: Remco has excellent lecture notes on random graphs
  • Mark Kac seminar: This is the program of the upcoming seminars in Utrecht
  • BME Stochastic Seminar: This is the program of the upcoming seminars at the BME in Budapest

    Dance and theatre related links
  • Ellenfeny online

         These are the journals where my sister publishes, check for Komjathy if you are interested and know some Hungarian

    Other links
  • INCI decoder
    Here, you can look up any ingredient found in cosmetics products. It is a great tool if you are allergic to something, or just want to know what your cream contains!