Course on operating systems, performance and real-time design

taught in-house at Philips HealthTech, Best location, 5th version, December 2017

The course is based on ‘Design of real-time systems workshop’ (a course taught through The High Tech Institute) and on the Operating System course taught at Eindhoven University. Compared to DRTS/WS there is less emphasis on real-time operating systems and scheduling, and more on performance in relation to hardware and software interplay.

Relevant books to study are:

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The course proceeds with lectures and exercises where the intent is to stimulate discussion and sharing of insights. If possible, the participants bring in their own experience and work, and apply the exercises.

Participants work in groups of 2 to solve exercises, putting solutions to powerpoint in order to (be able to) present them. In this way discussions are stimulated.

Teachers are Onno van Roosmalen and Johan Lukkien

The program contains the following subjects:

-        Introduction of (real-time)task concepts, and supporting OS concepts

-        A primer on real-time communication around CAN

-        Evolution of machines and applications, examples

-        Atomicity and interference

-        Role and operation of the Operating System, Resource management

-        Communication and Synchronization primitives

-        Performance measurements, analysis

-        Real-time design, and workshop

Following are references to the slidesets in the order they are expected to be presented over the course of three days. In practice this order may be different.

1.      Tasks

2.      Real-time Communication

3.      Atomicity an interference

4.      Evolution and Concurrency

5.      Mutual Exclusion

6.      Performance

7.      Operating System Operation

8.      Communication & Synchronization

9.      Some solution to exercises.

10.   Days 4 and 5: workshops on design of RT software. These lectures are as follows.

a.      Scheduling

b.      Design

c.      SchedulingSolutions

d.      DesignSolutions

e.      WorkshopSolutions

We introduce the windows performance toolkit downloaded from It consists of a performance recorder and an analyser. Two recorded traces are:

A.     ORACLE17.06-15-2016.08-45-53.etl

B.     ORACLE17.06-11-2016.21-52-29.etl