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  • 11 Nov: added a correction scheme
  • 29 Oct: added Combinations example in PDF, since .java are a bit mangled by this wiki (probably, I have to register this extension somehwere)

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Preferred means of contact above all: lectures and instructions


Mail to this address is read by a student assistant at least every hour (except during the night) and immediately answered or forwarded to the person who can answer it.


Teacher: Kees Huizing, HG 5.39, 040-2474120

Instructors: Michael Franssen, Kees Hemerik, Meilof Veeningen

Student Assistants

Correction Scheme Oct 2010

When you want to see your exam and discuss the grading, contact the corrector of your exam. Here is the correction scheme:

Michael Franssen

Amarniss Belder Blaauwbroek Breukink Brongers Brouns Claasen Elk Graaumans Happen Haszing Helder Hendriks Hoeven Houben Jongen Kohl Pluijmaekers Salsbach Schuylenburg Selman Verwijmeren Wulms Jansen Jongeling Vollmar

Kees Hemerik

Gevers, Joost [J.J.P.] Advokaat, Nicky [N.] Bogie, Yori [Y.H.C.] Dalen, Tim [T.M.] van Dueren den Hollander, Carl [C.J.P.] van Gerritsen, Frederique [F.] Hamers, Coen [C.J.] Jansz, Robin [R.M.] Kokx, Pieter [P.A.] Koopmans, Bart [B.E.A.] Lambrechts, Colin [C.] Langenberg, mitchell [M.] Leurs, Dave [D.M.] Mülders, Don [D.A.C.] Meulendijks, Mathijs [M.H.M.] Peters, Jeroen [J.] Plasmeijer, Remco [R.A.J.] Pouderoijen, Jacob [J.] van Said, Walid [W.] Snel, Hugo [H.D.] Snijer, Laurens [L.B.] Stelma, Jaap [J.] Steneker, Maikel [M.P.J.] Veldhuis, Robin [R.] Verhulst, Rick [R.] Wahl, Terry [T.A.] Mouwen, Willem [W.]

Meilof Veeningen

Ballegooijen, Luca [L.G.P.] van Bos, Laurent [L.M.M.] van den Boschman, Arjan [A.] Brandt, Dennis [D.P.J.] van den Brunings, Mitchel [M.D.] Castermans, Thom [T.H.A.] Creemers, Daan [D.J.A.] Denissen, Niels [N.P.M.] Dien, Tijmen [T.] van Goos, Thomas [T.J.R.A.] Heetveld, Maikel [M.M.A.R.] Heijstek, Jorik [J.H.M.] Koymans, Peter [P.H.] Leene, Remko [R.T.] Leeuwen, Jules [J.A.] van Lukas, Kay [K.A.Y.] Meel, Marc [M.T.] van Mouwen, Willem [W.] Nab, Vincent [V.] Pieterse, Astrid [A.] Sonke, Willem [W.M.] Ünal, Mehmet [M.F.] Vaan, Ramon [R.] de Vercouteren, Etienne [E.H.H.M.] Verkooijen, Michael [M.A.G.] Vos, Vincent [V.J.H.] de Weerd, Guus [G.] van der Wezel, Bart [B.J.P.A.] van Wit, Jeremy [J.] de

Kees Huizing

Appelman Bruinhorst Engelen Hofstede



Weekly material

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

External Material

Extra! Extra!

For those who seek more challenges than the instructions and assignments can offer them, here are a few ideas.

Extra challenges


Homework assignments

Every week there is a Homework assignment to be submitted via Peach. The assignment is usually visible from Thursday morning. Most assignments can be made in pairs (individual submission is allowed too). If you work in a pair, submit from one account add the other student as an author in the submission procedure. Some assignments will be individual only. This will be clearly stated in the description. Assignments must be submitted via Peach before the deadline. Only the instructor and the teacher can extend your deadline in special cases.

Instruction exercises

During the instruction session, exercises have to made, supervised by an instructor. Some exercises are designated as exercises that have to be submitted. These exercises are not graded, but feedback will be provided and they are compulsory.


Students will get an exam with Java programming exercises, corresponding to the level of the instruction and homework assignments. During the examniation you may use your laptop. Using internet or other means of communciations is forbidden and will be blocked.


  • The homework assignments (probably 8) contribute 30% to the final grade.
  • The examination contributes 70% to the final grade.
  • To qualify for a grade, 6 homework assignments and the designated instruction exercises have to be submitted.

The result of the homework assignment also counts with the result of the second chance examination in January.


Monday 7+8 lecture all groups Pav M23 Kees Huizing not on 6 Sep
Wednesday 7+8 instructiegroep 1 groups 1+2 Matrix 1.44 Michael Franssen not on 8 Sep
Wednesday 7+8 instructiegroep 2 groups 3+4 Paviljoen L10 Kees Hemerik not on 8 Sep
Wednesday 7+8 instructiegroep 3 groups 5+6 IPO 0.98 Meilof Veeningen not on 8 Sep
Wednesday 8 September 7+8 lecture Auditorium 2 Kees Huizing
Thursday 3+4 instructiegroep 1 groups 1+2 IPO 0.98 Tom Boshoven Nick van der Veeken
Thursday 3+4 instructiegroep 2 groups 3+4 IPO 0.98 Tom Vrancken Ron Vanderfeesten
Thursday 3+4 instructiegroep 3 groups 5+6 Aud 9 Thorstin Crijns Paul Wagener


Old news

16 Sep 19h55 Er zat een fout in de test set. Nummer 8 en 9 waren niet goed. Dat is nu hersteld en de inzendingen worden momenteel opnieuw gecontroleerd.

Old Changes

  • 24 Oct: corrected link to slides week 6
  • 24 Oct: added example programs lecture week 8
  • 22 Oct: added slides and homework week 8
  • 13 Oct: added slides and homework for week 7
  • 8 Oct: added slides week 6
  • 8 Oct: corrected example in Peach description of Integer Power

  * 7 Oct: added homework assignment description week 6

  • 6 Oct: added instruction exercises week 6
  • 29 Sep: added reader chapter on Searching
  • 29 Sep: added copies of slides and instruction exercises week 5
  • 23 Sep: added more chapters of the Reader
  • 23 Sep: added instruction and homework week 4
  • 20 Sep: added a people section
  • 20 Sep 2010: added an extra challenge to the 1000 stars challenge
  • 19 Sep 2010: added Challenges page (Extra! Extra!)
  • 16 Sep 13h50: HA W3 updated (corrected the description of patterns)
  • 16 Sep 2010: HA W3 added
  • 13 Sep 2010: Week 3 slides added
  • 9 Sep 2010: Week 2 material added
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