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Add Windows printer manually

This option is hidden in Mac OS. I describe the procedure for Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). It works as well with previous versions of Mac OS. Where necessary, additional information for previous versions is provided.

A. Open the pane to add a printer

This pane can be accessed using two methods

  • Go to Network Preferences, click Printer & Scan, click on the + sign below the list of printers.


  • Open a document, choose Print and select in the Printer field the option “Add Printer…”

B. Adding the printer ((Snow)Leopard, (Mountain) Lion)

  1. The Add Printer pane shows several protocol types (IP, Windows, etc.) in the toolbar. Right-click this bar (two-finger tap 8-), that is control + click) and choose Customize Toolbar….
  2. Drag the cog wheel Advanced to the toolbar.
  3. Click Done
  4. Go to the pane to add a printer, click the (newly added) Advanced wheel
  5. Be patient. After a minute or so some text appears in the window.
  6. Choose as Type Windows ((Mountain) Lion: Windows printer via spoolss)
  7. For (Mountain) Lion, type in the URL-field:



where name-of-your-printer is the name of the desired printer (e.g., MF7NW, hpcolor3a). Students must use svstud to access psstud02 and/or psstud05.

  • For (Snow) Leopard, type in the URL-field:

smb:TUE/ or smb:TUE/

Do NOT drop the suffix; while it might work, it will not work in all situations.

  1. Type a name and, optionally, a location
  2. Select the right driver for your Printer types in our Department
  3. Click Add
  4. A dialog with Installable Options appears. Check your printer for this, I checked the “Duplex unit”, otherwise double sided printing will not work.
  5. Click Continue

B. Adding the printer (Tiger only)

  1. While holding the Option (ALT) key, click on the “More Printers” button at the bottom of the dialog
  2. Select Advanced from the first pop-up menu
  3. Select Windows Printer via SAMBA from the device pop-up menu
  4. Type a name for the printer
  5. Type in the URL-field:
smb://TUE/ or smb://TUE/

where username is your Windows username, password is your Windows password, and printer is the name of the desired printer (e.g., MF7NW, hpcolor3a, etc.). Students must use svstud to access psstud02 and/or psstud05.

  • Click Add

Note that this method (the only one available in Tiger) has the drawback that it stores your password in a plain text file on your machine. Although it is only readable by root, it is better to avoid such things. Furthermore, the password is shown when you inspect the settings of the printer. To avoid this, upgrade to Leopard and follow the instructions below instead.

C. Print

The first time you print, you may get a dialog box with the question to authenticate. Use here:

  1. username: TUE/username, where username is the name of your NT account
  2. password: ••••••••
  3. check the box “Remember in keychain”.

If the authentication dialog box doesn't appear, open the printer dialog (printer icon will appear in the dock when you issue a print job). You will find that the queue is paused due to an authentication error. Click on Resume and the authentication dialog will be presented to you.

For Laserjet 4100 printers such as psstud0x, you must select 'Use Straight Paper Path' in the 'Finishing' section of your print options to make the printer use paper from it's tray rather than asking you to manually feed it paper.

:!: Note :!: The username-password combination is stored under the name of the printer. So when you use as the name of the printer a name you used before, the stored username-password combination is used, which may be out of date. If you have troubles with authentication, check your Keychain and remove stale items.

D. Notes and issues

This method is verified from February 2009 onwards on different Mac machines. Variations on the smb: URI scheme that might have worked in the past may have subtle issues now. Using names other than (such as, the short name winp3, or the IP address) is NOT recommended because of possible Kerberos-issues.


The methods for Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard do not seem to work with Lion any more. Mac OS Lion no longer has the open source Samba implementation but something “home grown” and it refuses to connect to winp3.


We have verified the method above on one Mac OS X Lion machine. Note the subtle difference in URI (dropping the TUE/ part). If you still have problems printing, please report to BCF helpdesk so that we can verify the procedure on another machine.

EXTRA NOTES FOR LION: it seems that SOME machines with Lion are indeed unable to connect to winp3. In one instance this was fixed by doing the following after installing the printer using the Print & Scan preferences, as described above: - open a terminal - edit /etc/cups/printer.conf - change the line 'AuthInfoRequired negotiate' to 'AuthInfoRequired username,password' - restart the machine - (optionally) remove all keychain related items to the printer you wish to print to - ONLY enter your username as 'username' in the authentication dialog that pops up upon printing (i.e. do NOT enter any prefix with TUE/)

UPDATE FOR MOUNTAIN LION Working solution for Lion and Newer OS X (below for MOUNTAIN LION in Chem Dept.)\ System Preferences > Print&Scan > + > Top menu right click customize and add Advanced > Advanced > Type:Windows URL: in which X:Server Name (i.e. STPRINT) and y: is the printer name (i.e. ST-XMFC666) Fill name and loc USE proper driver (INSTALL FROM XEROX website L:

Log in name is WITHOUT “TUE/” prefix! WITHOUT “.” NT Username format: nsurname (if username is not asked at the beginning then add printer first and send a document to the printer to be asked login credentials.

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