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Eduroam is a “worldwide” network (Canada, Australia, most of the European countries) of educational and research institutes. The idea is that students and staff members can access the wireless network on any participating institute. You logon to the eduroam network with your institute credentials and corresponding password. It works for TU/e members on the TU/e campus, which can come inhandy when tue and tue-wpa do not work (which does happen, now and then). It also works on other institutes, although sometimes differences in the authentication implementation prevent it from working.

Eduroam TU/e Configuration

Date: 28 January 2011; location: HG.


Username: login name for TUE domain, Exchange server, etc. followed by, e.g.,

alternative: add tue/ in front of your s-number (for students)

Password: password for this username

Authentication method: PEAP (MSCHAPv2)

Authentication protocols: PEAP, TTLS, EAP-FAST

Security Type: WPA Enterprise (although WPA2 Enterprise seems to work as well)

Certificate: GTE Cybertrust Global Root (probably not necessary to set this yourself)

Configuration (Snow Leopard)

  1.  → System Preferences → Network
  2. Tab Airport
  3. Choose Network Name: eduroam
  4. Click Advanced…
  5. Tab AirPort, select eduroam from list
  6. Tab 802.1X, select WPA: eduroam from list (see below for screen shot of this dialog)
  7. Fill in username, password
  8. Check PEAP, TTLS, and EAP-FAST
  9. Configure Trust…: Probably not necessary
  10. Security Type: WPA Enterprise

Screen shot of most important configuration screen

List of Institutes

Institutes where Eduroam has been reported working with TU/e credentials:

  • TU/e campus
  • Fontys location Rachels Molen, Eindhoven
  • Utrecht University, Uithof
  • Radboud University, Nijmegen
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