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 +==== Installation of Lync telephone ====
 +(on a Mac)
 +The installation procedure is //simpler// than as described in the handout that comes with your telephone (see below).
 +  - Download the software and updates
 +    * Software is on [[smb://​physstor/​appl/​mac-software]] in folder //Lync for Mac//;
 +    * There are two updates, to be installed successively. They can be obtained with BCF or here:
 +    * [[http://​​~keesh/​downloads/​Lync14.0.1_ALL.dmg|Lync update 14.0.1]] and 
 +[[http://​​~keesh/​downloads/​Lync14.0.2_ALL.dmg|Lync update 14.0.2]]
 +  - Run the installers successively.
 +  - Startup the application //​Microsoftt Lync//.
 +  - You will see a window like this. Fill in with your credentials. {{:​mac_wiki:​screen_shot_2012-06-28_at_16.56.42.png|:​mac_wiki:​screen_shot_2012-06-28_at_16.56.42.png}}
 +  - After Signing in, a window with your name, status, etc. will appear.
 +After installation and connecting the telephone to your Mac via USB, the telephone does not always recognize the Mac. A //restart// might help. Otherwise, call BCF and someone will come along to initialise your telephone using a Windows laptop.
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