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LDAP server

The OpenLDAP server with address is not functioning well and will be discontinued.

Use the Active Directory server instead.


  1. Open the Contacts application
  2. Open Contacts > Preferences
  3. Select the tab Accounts
  4. Create new account (click plus sign below left-hand panel)
  5. Select “Other contacts account…”, click Continue
  6. In pop-up menu, select LDAP, and fill in the following info (mind the “\TUE”)
  Description: "TU/e Active Directory" (w/o quotes; or whatever you prefer)
  Search base: "DC=campus,DC=tue,DC=nl" (w/o quotes)
  Scope: Subtree (default)
  Server Address:
  Server Options
  Port: 389, do not Use SSL (defaults)
  Authentication: Simple
  User name: TUE\<your NT-account name>
  Password: <your password>

Thanks to Tom Verhoeff for figuring this out. Aug 2014

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