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-ns1BWu ​ <href="">​bzytmkpjscad<​/a>, [url=]kiespjnjbyqu[/url][link=]acbastjrvhsx[/link] Mounting ​Unix Directory ​===== 
 +The Unix home directories of the department WIN at TU/e are accessible via Samba. Maybe you have to ask at BCF to have your home directory connected to the Samba server (authentication works via your Exchange account). 
 +=== Address === 
 +  smb://<​unixusername> 
 +or the following alias for the preceding (BCF recommends NOT use the alias) 
 +  smb://<​unixusername>​ 
 +Account and password is the Exchange account (from your email account**not** your unix username and password! 
 +=== Procedure === 
 +Go the the Finder, choose ​//Go->​Connect to Server...// or press Cmd-K. 
 +Type the address (e.g.smb:// and press Connect.  
 +The disk will be available via your computer in the sidebar of a Finder window (chapter "​Devices"​ in Leopard) or via the shared device You have to connect to see your files. See screenshot:​ 
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