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Printing at Department Math & CS

Adding a printer

1. Open the pane to add a printer

This pane can be accessed using two methods:

  • Go to Network Preferences, click Printer & Scan, click on the + sign below the list of printers.


  • Open a document, choose Print and select in the Printer field the option “Add Printer…”

1bis Enable the Advanced option (only if you have not done this before on your computer)

The option “Advanced” in the Add-printer-pane is hidden by default.

  1. The Add Printer pane shows several protocol types (IP, Windows, etc.) in the toolbar. Right-click this bar (that is control + click, or two-finger tap 8-) and choose Customize Toolbar….
  2. Drag the cog wheel Advanced to the toolbar.
  3. Click Done

2. Add the printer

  1. Go to the pane to add a printer, click the (newly added) Advanced wheel
  2. Be patient. After a minute or so some text appears in the window.
  3. Choose as Type Windows or Windows printer via spoolss
  4. For (Mountain) Lion, Mavericks, and (untested) Yosemite, type in the URL-field:
  smb:// (staff)


smb:// (students)

where name-of-your-printer is the name of the desired printer (e.g., MF7NW, hpcolor3a, psstud05).

* For (Snow) Leopard, type in the URL-field: smb:/ /TUE/ or smb:/ /TUE/

Do NOT drop the suffix; while it might work, it will not work in all situations.

  1. Type a name and, optionally, a location.
  2. Select the right driver (you may have to download one and choose “Other…”); see Printer types in our Department; currently, 2014, the printers are Xerox Workcentre 7335. See for the newest driver.
  3. Click Add.
  4. A dialog with Installable Options appears. Check your printer for this, I used “Advanced Office Finisher, to get double sided printing and stapling.
  5. Click Continue.

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