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Printing with the Konica-Minoltas

In January 2015 the new Konica-Minolta printers have become operational. These use the “Follow You” protocol (yes, funny name) that allows you to print your job on any printer on the campus, using your Campus Card.

Installing the Printer

This is for operating system version Lion and later (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite). For more information about installing printers, see Printing at Department Math & CS.

  1. Go to the pane to add a printer, click the Advanced cogwheel
  2. Be patient. After a minute or so some text appears in the window.
  3. Choose as Type Windows printer via spoolss
  4. Type in the URL-field: smb:/ /
  5. Type a name and, optionally, a location.
  6. Select the right driver for Konica Minolta bizhub 364e. If the driver is not in the list, do the following.
    1. Download the printer configuration file: ctrl-click on the link and choose Save as… and store it on your computer and give it a sensible name, ending in .ppd
    2. Back in the driver installation, Choose “Other…” and select the downloaded file
  7. Click Add. (When the button stays gray, check the URL for typos).
  8. A dialog with Installable Options appears. The configuration I used:

Note: the punch hole unit is not installed on most of the printers at TU/e.

  1. Click Ok.


On your computer

Print, i.e. submit a print job, as usual.

Authentication (one time only)

The first time you print you may get a dialog asking for authentication. Use your TU/e username (with which your get your mail, login to Oase, etc.). Usually, it is one initial and your surname, without dots etc., e.g., chuizing, and your password. Do not add 'tue/' in front of it. I have 'tue\' in front of it. Apparently not needed, but harmless.

If you check the box Remember in my KeyChain, you will not be asked the next time you print. If you made a mistake, you can change the information via the KeyChain application. You'll find the item under the name ''.

On the printer

Registering (one time only)

  1. Go to a Konica-Minolta printer and press the button Access.
  2. Type your Exchange name and password. Do not press Login
  3. When you have typed your username and password keep your campus card to the card scanner.
  4. Your account will be registered and you can print with Follow-You.

Printing (getting paper out of the machine)

  1. Go to the printer of your choice to start printing. My choice? Yes, your choice! You can print at any printer on the TU/e campus. What a luxury! And the best thing is, when you have started the print job, you can walk back to your place and come back when it's finished. So you can walk twice to the printer of your choice! See this article about the dangers of sitting too much (thanks to Tom).
  2. Hold your Campus Card to the card reader on the printer.
  3. Choose Follow You Printing on the touch screen on the printer.
  4. Your print job(s) will appear. Choose the one(s) you want to print.
  5. Press the physical print button on the printer.
  6. Wait until your job has finished and take the papers.

On 15 January 2015, it didn't work on many printers. On the 16th, it seems to work everywhere.

Using Special Features

When you want to do more than just printing, choose Printer features in the printer dialog (instead of, e.g., Layout). Then choose at Features Sets e.g. Finishing options 1 for stapling, Finishing options 2 for punching holes, etc.

Direct Printing

In the beautifully designed document about the print server that came with the email we all got about the new printing system there are three ways of printing mentioned. Follow-You printing, Web printing, and direct printing. That last option would be nice for larger jobs at your familiar printer. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work and it is unclear whether it is supported.

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