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Scanning on the Konica-Minoltas

Scanning on the Konica-Minolta printers (per January 2015) works more or less as you would expect. Login at the machine, either with your campus card or with your username/password, choose “Scan”, choose “Email scan to me”, put your papers in the feeder or on the glass plate and press the button. A few remarks are in place, though.

  • It is possible to scan to a network folder (the Xeroxes had a similar option). This may be more convenient to you. Choose Scan to Home Drive. The location of the folder is machine independent and user dependent (username is your TUE username):
  • You can mount this folder by pressing Cmd-K in the Finder on your Mac and type in the URL.
  • You can not delete the files that are put there, but they seem to be cleaned up automatically.
  • When you want to scan 2-sided, you choose “Scan settings” after you have chosen the mode of delivery (email, folder) and then press the left side of the bar with the dots. This brings you in the “Basic” settings (A) and there is a button “Simplex Duplex” showing “1-sided” that gives a menu when you press it to choose 2-sided scanning. Why the Basic settings are not shown by default is unclear to me.
  • The Basic setting page has a button that suggests that you can choose the file format (type) of the scan. It seems, however, that PDF is the only option that works.
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