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Wireless network tue

How to get access


  1. Make sure you have a TU/e account, sometimes called “NT account”.
  2. Have your computer registered for the wireless network of the TU/e. For Math & Comp Sc. department members, you can do this at BCF. You'll need the MAC-address of the wireless network card of your computer. On the Mac this is called the “Airport ID” and you find it in System Preferences → Network → Airport → button Advanced….


  1. Make sure that you are in range of the network (this is not necessary for configuring). When the signal is weak, sometimes the connect procedure fails without mentioning that the weak signal was the cause.
  2. Open Network in System Preferences
  3. Select Airport
  4. Make sure the lock (bottom left corner) is open
  5. Choose as Network Name tue
  6. Click Advanced…
  7. Select the Airport tab
  8. Select “tue” from the list and click on the small pencil (edit)
  9. Fill in:
    • Security 802.1X WEP
    • User Name: tue\yourname (user name of your so-called NT account)
    • Password: yourpassword
    • 802.1X: WPA:tue (if it's there, otherwise use Automatic and user name etc. will be asked for later)
  10. Click Add
  11. Back in the previous screen that you entered via the Advanced button, choose the tab 802.1X
  12. Fill in:
    • Domain: Login Window
    • Click on “Enable 802.1X” if not enabled
    • Deselect all authentication protocols, except PEAP
    • Don't click “Get certificate…”; this will be offered automatically
  13. Click OK
  14. On the Network pane, click Apply
  15. Computer will now try to connect to the tue network. If not, select tue in the list from your menu bar
  16. The first time, a certificate will be offered. Accept and choose “trust always” (this may go by unnoticed)
  17. Status wiil change to Authenticated and say: “Authenticated via PEAP (Inner Protocol: MSCHAPv2)”

(Loek and Tom used this description successfully.)

Screen shots

The certificate (part)


Network -> Advanced -> 802.1X

tab 802.1X

Network -> Advanced -> edit

Edit Network

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