Lam at MGU

  On second December 2013, I defended my PhD thesis with title "Pattern Mining in Data Streams" and graduated with honor (Cum laude). Some photos of my promotion can be found in the website of professor Paul De Bra. The committee members of my PhD defense are: professor Paul De Bra (TU/e PhD thesis advisor), associate professor Toon Calders (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, PhD thesis co-advisor), professor Mark van den Brand  (TU/e Committee chair), professor Hajo Reijers (TU/e), professor Arno Siebes (Utrecht University), associate professor Aristides Gionis (Aalto University), associate professor Joao Gama (University of Porto) and assistant professor Mykola Pechenizkiy (TU/e co-advisor). News about my defense can be found on the TU/e website (in Dutch).  I am happy that on the same date, the Data Science Center at TU/e has opened.
     The journal version of "Mining Compressing Sequential Patterns" was accepted in the special issue for best papers in SDM 2012 published in 2013 by the journal Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Wiley.  The paper can be downloaded here. The source code in Java  is available here.
   My recent work "Mining Compressing Sequential Patterns" with  Fabian Moerchen, Dmitriy Fradkin and Toon Calders will appear at the SIAM Data Mining Conference (SDM 2012) as an oral presentation. This work is one of 10 papers nominated for the best paper awards at SDM 2012. Check out the text of the work here.
    I am visiting Siemens Corporate Research Princeton New Jersey US as a research intern from the beginning of September till the beginning of November 2011. I am working with Dr. Fabian Moerchen and Dr. Dmitry Fradkin on  mining interesting sequential patterns.
    The paper "Online Discovery of Top-k Similar Motifs in Time Series Data " got accepted at SIAM Data Mining Conference (SDM 2011). You can find the text, source code and related materials here.
    The paper "Mining Top-k Frequent Items in a Data Stream with Flexible Sliding Windows"  got accepted as a full presentation at ACM KDD 2010. I am very happy with this great news. It makes me several centimeters higher (see the picture on the left).  PDF Download, Source code in C++
    Since January 2010, I have started my PhD study at Technical University of Eindhoven. I am currently working in a joint    project Complex Patterns in Streams (COMPASS) between Leiden University and TU/E under the supervision of  professor Paul de Bra and professor  Toon Calders.

 Research work
  On Using Query Logs for Static Index Pruning. Hoang Thanh Lam, Raffaele Perego,  Fabrizio Silvestri   Accepted as a short paper at the Web Intelligent Conference (WI 2010) Toronto Canada 2010
  An Incremental Prefix Filtering Approach for All Pairs Similarity Search. Hoang Thanh Lam, Dinh Viet Dung, Raffaele Perego,  Fabrizio Silvestri. 12th Asia Pacific Web (APWEB 2010) conference, Busan, Korea 2010.
  Entry Pairing in Inverted File. Hoang Thanh Lam, Fabrizio Silvestri, Raffaele Perego, Nguyen Thoi Minh Quan. 10th Web Information System Engineering 2009. Poznan Poland 2009
  A heuristic particle swarm optimization Hoang Thanh Lam, Popova Nina Nikolaevna, Nguyen Thoi Minh Quan. Poster paper ACM GECCO 07, University of College London, UK, 7-11th July 2007.






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