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Prof. Dr. R. M. M. Mattheij


Bob M Mattheij,

Esp 405
5633 AJ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

phone: +31 40 7516112


·         Masters (Numerical Mathematics) Rijks Universiteit Utrecht, 1971

·         PhD (Mathematics), Rijks Universiteit Utrecht, 1977


Positions held

·         Assistant professor, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, 1977-1985

·         Associate professor, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, 1986

·         Associate professor, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 1987-1988

·      Visiting Associate, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, 1981/1982

·      Visiting Professor, Australian National University, Canbarra, Australia 1985, .

·      Visiting Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 1992, .

·      Visiting Professor, Johannes Keppler University Linz, Austria,1997

·      Visiting professor ICTP Trieste, 2004



·         Full professor of Scientific Computing, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 1989-2011

·         Director LIME (Laboratory for Industrial Mathematics Eindhoven)



·         Associate editor SIAM News

·         Associate editor Surveys on Mathematics for Industry/European journal for Applied Mathematics

·         Associate editor Electronic Journal of Boundary Elements

·         Editor Boundary Element Technology

·         Editor  Mathematics in Engineering Sciences and Aeronautics

·         Editor Springer book series on Mathematics for Industry


Organisational activities (international)

·         Member Committee International Conferences on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CICIAM), 1996.

·         Member Programme Committee International Conferences on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM), 1996-1999

·         Secretary & treasurer of the board of the European Consortium on Mathematics for Industry, (ECMI) 1987-1996

·         President of the European Consortium on Mathematics for Industry, 1996-1998

·         Co-ordinator, chairman of the board of MASCI-net (Mathematics, Simulation and Computing for Industry), 1999-2003

·         Coordinator RTN Mathematics for the Glass Computing and AnaLysis (MAGICAL; EU network), 2002-2006

·         Coordinator Marie-Curie Training Site Mathematics And Scientific computing for TEchnology and Research (MASTER; EU scholarships), 2002-2006

·         Member Organising Committee  1st and 2nd Int. Colloquium on Modelling of Glass Forming and Tempering, Valenciennes 2000, 2002

·         Chairman organising committee "ECMI Glass Days", 1999, 2003

·         Chairman, organiser and member of the Scientific Board Conference ECMI 2004

·         Member Applied mathematics Committee EMS 2010-2013


Organisational activities (national)


·         Cofounder and President Applied Mathematics Section of Dutch Math. Soc., Industriële en Toegepaste Wiskunde (ITW), 1994-2000

·         Member of NWO programme committee "Computational Science"

·         Member of Werkgemeenschap Scientific Computing

·         Member of Overleg Onderzoekscholen Wiskunde (OOW; Dutch Graduate School Research Committee for Mathematics)

·         Member Centre of Excellence "Multiscale Phenomena" (3-TU, the Netherlands)

·         Chairman NVAO committee Computational Science




·         Member of steering committees or programme committees, organiser: over 60

·         Invited speaker at international conferences (over 70)


PhD advisor

At present 53 persons, see the mathematical genealogy;

honorary advisor of Mary Wheeler


Research interests

Present research interests include: numerical analysis of (partial) differential equations, in  particular boundary element methods, differential algebraic equations, applications in materials (like glass), chemistry and mechanics, as well in nano-optics. Besides he has been active in industrial mathematics, see below.



Over 200 papers (journals, proceedings, reports),  moreover

·         Numerical Solution of Boundary Value ODEs, Prentice Hall,1988, SIAM 1995,

(co-authors U. Ascher, R.D. Russell), 595 + xxi pages.

·         Beginwaardeproblemen in Theorie en Praktijk, analyse, numerieke methoden, modellen, Epsilon, 1991,

      (co-author J.Molenaar), 293 + v pages. (Sold out), see also next

·         Ordinary Differential Equations in Theory and Practice, Wiley 1996, SIAM 2002 (coauthor J. Molenaar), 407 + xi pages.

·         Partial Differential Equations: Modeling, Analysis. and Computation , SIAM 2006,

            (coauthors S. Rienstra, J.M.H. ten Thije Boonkkamp), 665 +xxiii pages.

·         Proceedings of the European Symposium on Mathematics in Industry (ESMI), held in Amsterdam, 1985,Teubner-Kluwer, 1988,} (co-editors E.W.C. van Groesen, M.Hazewinkel), 238 + xiv pages

·         Proceedings of the Dutch Contributions to ICIAM 87, Special issue of the "Wiskundig Genootschap,. also as CWI Tract 36,1987, (co-editor A.H.P. van der Burgh), 433 + v pages

·         Modelling of Glass Forming and Tempering, Hermes science publications 1999

     (co-editor D. Lochegnies), 156 pages.

·         Progress in Industrial Mathematics, ECMI 2004 Springer 2006 (co-editors A. Dibucchiano, M. Peletier), 678 + xxix pages.


Industrial mathematics

During the years Bob Mattheij has been inspired by real life applications. This has led to a number of activities, scientifically, educationally and organisationally in an area of what is commonly indicated as industrial mathematics.

In 1983 he founded, together with van Groesen en Ruymgaart a mathematical consultancy group  WD (Wiskundige Dienstverlening) in Nijmegen.

In 1985 he organized the (first?) European Symposium on Mathematics in Industry, ESMI (with van Groesen en Hazewinkel). Out of this activity grew ECMI, the European Consortium for mathematics in Industry, that officially started in 1986.

He was the secretary and treasurer of ECMI from 1987 till 1996 and president from 1996 till 1998. Of the many activities of ECMI he further participated in was the organization of the Conference ECMI 2004, held in Eindhoven.

In 1990 he founded, together with de Groot and van Beckum  the Dutch society for industrial and applied mathematics ITW (Industriële en Toegepaste Wiskunde), a foundation, later becoming a section of KWG; he was president of ITW from 1992 till 2002.

In 1998 he introduced the study group idea, developed by Alan Tayler  in Oxford in the seventies, in the Netherlands, initially under the aegis of ECMI and ITW; the first meeting was in Leiden. Since then it has become a self sustained successful (university rotating) event ever since.

In 1999 ECMI and ECCOMAS joined forces and on request of the European Commission jointly established the centre of excellence MASCI-net (Mathematics, Simulation and Computing for Industry) with Bob Mattheij as co-ordinator and chairman of the board. One of the outcomes of this activity was a roadmap for mathematics in industry.

In 2001 he organised one of the first international master programmes of the TU/e, CSE (Computational Science and Engineering); this programme was later reinforced by establishing a cooperation with the universities of Kaiserslautern and Linz through ESIM (European School for Industrial Mathematics), which got a large grant from the European Commission for its double degree IM (Industrial Mathematics) curriculum in 2005.

At the moment educational links with other universities are are being established; as an example a double degree with University of the West in Timosoara has started in 2010.

In 2005 Bob Mattheij took again the initiative to establish a mathematics consultancy group, initially as an activity within CASA. This led to the foundation of LIME (Laboratory for Industrial Mathematics Eindhoven) in 2007. Since January 2011 LIME is a private enterprise employing about 20 consultants. LIME BV carries out projects for industry on modelling and simulation, image analysis, data analysis and optimization. It maintains its ties to the university.