IOLS 2014

Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Systems (IOLS) is an activity in the Smart Spaces Action Line of the EIT ICT Labs.



The goal of this activity is to implement an Intelligent Outdoor Lighting System for improved energy efficiency, user experience and safety feeling, via:

TU/e contribution

TU/e has been investigating the use of data analysis and machine learning for smart distributed indoor lighting solutions. Within IOLS TU/e will make use of this experience to adapt and apply machine learning algorithms in the context of outdoor lighting. In particular, TU/e will automatically localize the light poles based on RSSI data and data from the presence sensors.




City Traffic Simulator

The City Traffic Simulator can be used to investigate how traffic will affect various presence based city services. It allows to position virtual presence senros on a map and as well as define different traffic flows. The traffic simulation will generate an CSV file which can be further analysed by other tools.

You can download the latest version of our City Traffic Simulator here:


Heatmaps are a convenient tool for visualising the common movement patterns in data gathered by the camera sensors deployed in a smart city.

You can download the latest version of our heatmap visualisation tool here:


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