Jyväskylä, Finland
June 17-19, 2008

Special Track on Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge-based Techniques and Systems in Medicine

Previous editions of this track
at CBMS'07, CBMS'06 and CBMS'05


(Preliminary programme will be published in April)

AuthorsPaper title
Hyung-Won Koh and Lars HildebrandFeature Selection by Lorentzian Peak Reconstruction for ^1NMR Post-Processing
Yuchou Chang, Sameer Antani, D. J. Lee, Kent Gledhill, L. Rodney Long and Paul ChristensenCBIR of Spine X-ray Images on Inter-vertebral Disc Space and Shape Profiles
Baran Aydogan, Markus Hannula, Tuukka Arola, Prasun Dastidar and Jari HyttinenTexture based Classification and Segmentation of Tissues using DT-CWT feature extraction methods
Thomas Neumuth, Svetlana Mansmann, Marc H. Scholl and Oliver BurgertData Warehousing Technology for Surgical Workflow Analysis
Shuai Zhang, sally mcclean, Bryan Scotney, Xin Hong, Chris Nugent and Maurice MulvennaDecision support for Alzheimer's patients in smart homes
Erkki JO Soini, Tarja Rissanen, Jari Tiihonen, Markku Eronen, Sheilagh Hodgins and Olli-Pekka RyynänenPredicting forensic admission among the mentally ill: A Bayesian approach
Paolo Soda and Giulio IannelloReliability Estimators for Classification by Decomposition Method: Experiments in the Medical Domain
Marcela Ribeiro, Agma Traina, Caetano Traina, Natalia Rosa and Paulo Azevedo-MarquesHow To Improve Medical Image Diagnosis through Association Rules: The IDEA Method
Mehmet KayaA Novel Approach to Extract Structured Motifs by Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
James Gardner and Li XiongHIDE: An Integrated Framework for Health Information DE-identification
Pedro H. Bugatti, Marcela Ribeiro, Agma Traina and Caetano TrainaContent-based Retrieval of Medical Images by Continuous Feature Selection
Petr Berka and Marie TomeckovaAtherosclerosis Risk Assessment using Rule-based Approach
Frank-Michael Schleif, Matthias Ongyerth and Thomas VillmannSparse coding Neural Gas for analysis of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji HiranoMining Trajectories of Laboratory Data using Multiscale Matching and Clustering
Seppo Puuronen, Mykola Pechenizkiy and Alexey TsymbalEffectiveness of Local Feature Selection in Ensemble Learning for Prediction of Antimicrobial Resistance
Jyrki Rasku and Martti JuholaClassification and simulation of task driven swaying paths(short)
Guocai Chen, Jim Warren, Tao Yang and Vojislav KecmanAdaptive K-Local Hyperplane (AKLH) Classifiers on Semantic Spaces to Determine Health Consumer Webpage Metadata(short)
Vincent S. Tseng, Chao-Hui Lee and Jessie Chia-Yu ChenAn Integrated Data Mining System for Patient Monitoring with Applications on Asthma Care(short)
Mingjing Yang, Hui Zhang, Huiru Zheng, Haiying Wang and Qiang LinA Mutual Information-Based Approach to the Analysis of Dynamic Electrocardiograms(short)
Juan Alfonso Lara, Guillermo Moreno, Aurora Pérez, Juan Pedro Valente and Africa LópezComparing posturographic time series through events detection(short)

** This year we received 39 submissions to the track and accepted 15 full and 5 short papers.

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