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Available projects and Job opportunities

We have filled all open PhD and Postdoc positions.

At this moment we do not offer summer internships.
We offer master and internship projects for TU/e students only.

If you plan to do your master project under my supervision, I highly recommend you to take Web Analytics (2IID0), Web Information Retrieval and Data Mining(2ID26), Web Information Systems (2II36) courses and Web Engineering (Information Systems) Seminar (2ID96).

I welcome students who are interested in data science, and in particular in studying and applying in practice advanced machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery, information retrieval and recommendation techniques.

We often have projects for different tastes. Whether you like developing new algorithms and techniques or designing and implementing intelligent systems or exploring large datasets, we should be able to find a suitable assignment for you.

Here is a noninclusive list of current general topics, within which specific projects are available or can be defined:

If you have your own idea for the project or want to work on your own start up, we can also try to define a project with a right scope.

Got interested? Drop me an e-mail or talk to me during a lecture break if you attend one of the courses I currently teach. top

Last update: 11 July 2015.