Software engineering (2IP25)

Quartile 4 of 2013/14

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Slides will be made available via OASE.


  1. Reviewing of requirements documents of a past SEP project;
  2. Reviewing of architectural design documents of a past SEP projects.
The exercises have to be done in couples. You have to review the documents by yourself and then combine and discuss both reviews.

You have to hand in the individual reviews as well as the combined review report.

Guidelines on how to perform the reviews will be given in due time.

Required book:
Hans van Vliet
Software Engineering: Principles and Practice (Third Edition).
Wiley, 2008.

2nd attempt: Students that followed 2IP25 last year and did not pass the exam but scored a 5.5 or higher for the exercise, must make the second exercise.

  1. Written part: closed-book exam
  2. Weighing: 60% written exam, 40% practical assignment, both marks have to be 5.5 or higher.