Supervised Master theses at the Eindhoven University of Technology

  1. Z. Li, A systematic approach and tool support for assessing GSN-based safety case, 2016, pdf. (co-supervisor: Y. Luo)
  2. J. Zhang, Patterns Specification and Application in meta-models in Ecore, 2016, pdf. (co-supervisor: M. Hamilton (Altran) and A. Sutii)
  3. E. Dudojevic, Integration of Xtext and GMF editors in Eclipse, 2014, pdf. (co-supervisor: A. Mooij (ESI-TNO))
  4. B.C.M. Cappers, Exploring and visualizing GLL parsing, 2014, pdf.
  5. J.G.M. Mengerink, On-parse disambiguation in generalized LL parsing using attributes, 2014, pdf.
  6. L.J. van der Sanden, Parse forest disambiguation, 2014, pdf.
  7. A.-M. Farcasi, Improving modularity in GLL, 2013, pdf.
  8. A.P. ten Brink, Disambiguation mechanisms and disambiguation strategies, 2013, pdf.
  9. A. Afroozeh, Gtext : a language workbench based on GLL and term rewriting, 2012, pdf.
  10. M.C.G. Leijten, Strategic Model Transformation Language, 2011 pdf.
  11. R.G.J. Bouten, Quantitative analysis of model transformations by means of metrics : a generic approach, 2011, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: M.F. van Amstel (TU/e))
  12. S. Shetty and V. Menezes, Verification of architectural rules and design patterns, 2011, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: Kasper van Wouw and Albert Faber (Philips HealthCare))
  13. J.D. van Houten, Improving dynamic language performance using just in time compilation, 2011, pdf.
  14. M.W. Manders, mIBNF : a syntax formalism for domain specific languages, 2011, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: Adrian Johnstone (RHUL))
  15. T. Delissen, Design and validation of a model-driven engineering environment for the specification and transformation of T-ReCS models, 2011, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: Istvan Nagy (ASML/TU/e) and Sven Weber (ASML))
  16. P.H. Nguyen, Quantitative analysis of model transformations, 2010, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: Marcel van Amstel (TU/e))
  17. H. Pujar and S. Halyal, A recommendation report on Spare Time Product Development, 2010, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: Marijn Ruster and Raymond Honnings (CapGemini))
  18. T. Kudchadker and N. Angadi, Assessment of software architecture and design for offshore projects, 2010, pdf.
  19. M.F. Wessels, High level performance analysis and dependency management, 2010, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: Tom Franssen (Philips HealthCare))
  20. G.J.W.M. Smeets, A domain specific language for web information systems : what about evolving data models?, 2010, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: B.J. Arnoldus (HvA))
  21. M.B. van der Vlist, Quality assessment of embedded language modules : targeting the spotlight on heterogeneous systems , 2010, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: S. Roubtsov (TU/e))
  22. A.J. Peeters, Introducing static semantic analysis to templates using JastAdd, 2009, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: B.J. Arnoldus (HvA))
  23. D.H.A. van Zeeland, Reverse-engineering state machine diagrams from legacy C-code, 2009, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: Peter v.d. Weijden (VI))
  24. V. Sinha, Implementing a DSL for Modeling Hardware and the Design of Models, 2009, (confidential).
    (co-supervisor: Liviu Raulea (ASML))
  25. P. Kumar, Design and Implementation of a Software Constructor, 2009, (confidential).
    (co-supervisors: Michael Franssen (TU/e) and Istvan Nagy (ASML))
  26. P. Lem, Testing the ATerm library, 2008, pdf.
  27. A.P. van der Meer, A relational approach to static semantic checking, 2008, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: B.J. Arnoldus (HvA), H.P.J. van Geldrop-van Eijk (TU/e))
  28. L.A.J. Verstraeten, Code generation through model transformation, 2008, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: Luc Engelen (TU/e) and Marc Hamilton (ASML))
  29. W. Bruggeman, Transformations of a SIP Service Model, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2008, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: Tom Verhoeff (TU/e) and W. Huijsmann (Ericsson))
  30. J.M.A.M. Gabriels, Model checking the ATerm library, 2007, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: J.C. van de Pol (UT))
  31. D. Hendriks, The ToolBus : introducing hierarchy, abstraction, namespaces and relays, 2007, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: Merijn de Jonge (Philips Research)
  32. R.C.A. Verdaasdonk, Automatic checking of dynamic architectural rules, 2007, pdf.
    (co-supervisors: Aleksandra Tesanovic (Philips Research) and Tim Trew (Philips Research))
  33. B. Seghers, Defining metrics for STL-code, 2006, pdf.
    (co-supervisor: Frank van der Berk (VI))