Randomized Algorithms, LNMB, 2021.


Nikhil Bansal and  Rene Sitters


This is a graduate course on randomized algorithms.
Randomness is a very powerful idea in theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. It provides a very useful way to think about problems (usually where one would not expect probability to play any role). This is a huge area, and this course will give a brief glimpse into it.

The course will take place online. The notes for the lectures will be provided here, and the video will be available on a password protected link.


Time: Mondays March 1 – May 10 (except April 5), 11:00-12:45.



There will be 4-5 exercises which will account for the entire grade. Exercises can (and this is encouraged) be done in groups of 2 students. The solutions should be typed in Latex and handed in by the due date.

There is no textbook for the course. But there are two (optional) books.

·         Randomized Algorithms by Motwani and Raghavan

·         Probability and Computing by Mitzenmacher and Upfal


Another fantastic book on the probabilistic method is

·         The probabilistic method by Alon and Spencer.


Lecture Notes:

      Handout  (Linearity of Expectation)

Lecture 1 (March 1):  Introduction 

Lecture 2 (March 8): Basic Algorithms   Links: Randomized min-cut,  

      Exercise 1 (due March 22)

     Lecture 3 (March 15):  2-SAT, Polynomial identity test, probabilistic method (basics)   Links: Random Walk 2-SAT   Probabilistic method

     Lecture 4 (March 22):  Probabilistic method (alterations),  Streaming (\ell_0 and \ell_2) 
                    Links: Data Stream Algorithms  (book draft by Chakrabarti)  Courses: Thaler  Woodruff (more advanced with lecture videos)

     Exercise 2 (due April 12)

     Lecture 5 (March 29):  k-wise independence, Chernoff bounds, Learning from Experts 
                    Links: Terry Tao’s post concentration bounds; Survey on Multiplicative updates and notes on using them to solve LPs and SDPs



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