Current Teaching

I am currently instructor, resp. teacher, in the following course(s):

Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems 2018/2019
Practical Computer Systems 2018/2019
DBL Embedded Systems 2018/2019
And also have part of the Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems as online course, titled Quantitative Formal Modeling and Worst-Case Performance Analysis on COURSERA . If you want to learn about my experiences in recording MOOCS and other weblectures, have a look here , or send me an email if you want to stay up-to-date about the workshops I sometimes give on this topic.

Current Students

Jingyue Cao, t.b.a.
PhD student at TU/e
Jeroen Redegeld, t.b.a.
PDEng student at TU/e with Johan Lukkien
Nan Yan, t.b.a.
PhD student at ASML with Ramon Schiffelers and Alexander Serebrenik

Previous Teaching

DBL Embedded Systems 2015/2017
Practical Computer Systems 2013/2017
Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems 2012/2017
Instructie Logica en Verzamelingen 2008/2017 except 2014/2015
Instructie Automaten en Processen 2011/2013
Keuze-mentor eerste-jaars lichting 2009/2013
Quantitative Formal Methods 2009/2012
Instructie Software Specificatie 2011/2012
Seminar Formal Methods 2008/2010
Organisation of the IPA Fall-Days 2009, including two presentations:
Towards Budgetting in Real-Time Calculus : Deferrable Servers
Phaver : Reachability is Hard
Coordination of the Java Project for Industrial Design 2008
Gastcollege over Hybride Systemen bij het vak Berekenings Netwerken 2006
Instructie Proces Theorie 2003
Practicum Computer Architectuur 2002
Programmeren in Java voor TEMA studenten 2001

Previous Students

Alok Lele, Model Refinements for Timing Analysis of Runtime Scheduling in Real-time Streaming Systems
PhD student, finished March 2018
Milosh Stolikj, Building Blocks for the Internet of Things
PhD student, finished October 2015
Tom Boshoven, Integrated Simulation in EUV Source.
PDEng student at ASML with Dirk Coppelmans and Ernest Lobo
Preethi Ramamurthi, An IoT architecture for Cloud Connected Vehicles
OOTI student at NXP with Hans Brouwhuis
Shashidhar Bangalore Lakshmana, A Study on the impact of transmission power on the message delivery latency in large ZigBee networks
Masters student at NXP with Aly Syed
Mohsen Mehrafrouz, Data-Driven Machine Control: A Feasibility study on YieldStar.
OOTI student at ASML with Rik Peeters
Nina Buchina, Extending Service-Discovery Protocols with support for Context Information.
Masters student in the Sensafety Project
Sivakumar Thangamuthu, Analysis of Automotive Traffic Shapers in Ethernet In-Vehicular Networks
Masters student at NXP with Nicola Concer
Fan Feng, Simulation of Drift Control for an Electron Microscope Stage using Image Processing in the loop
Masters student at FEI with Jeroen de Boeij
Finished August 2013
Yu Yi, Energy-Aware Scheduling for Modal Radio Graphs
Masters student at ST-Ericsson with Orlando Moreira
Finished August 2013
Erik Tomlow, Priority budget scheduling using dataflow
Masters student at ST-Ericsson with Orlando Moreira
Finished January 2013
Harsh Beohar, Refinement of Communication and States in Models of Embedded Systems
PhD student
Finished January 2013
Alok Lele, Data-flow based Temporal Analysis for TDM Arbitration
Masters student at ST-Ericsson with Orlando Moreira
Finished August 2011
Massimo Callisto De Donato, First investigations to the connection between process algebra and real-time calculus
Visiting PhD student from UNICAM, Camerino, Italy
September - December 2009
Martin Kavuma Holonic Control of a Warehouse Lift
Carried out at the Embedded Systems Institute and VanderLande Industries
Finished August 2009
Rajiv Bezwada, Validation of a Wafer Handler Model
Masters thesis, in cooperation with ASML
Finished August 2009
Marijn Krijnen, Performance Modeling based on Skill Primitive Nets
Masters thesis, in cooperation with TU Braunschweig
Finished July 2009
Cornelia Petrutiu Emotions in Robot Movement
Carried out at the Faculty of Industrial Design
Stopped Februari 2009
Uzma Khadim, Process Algebras for Hybrid Systems: Comparison and Development
PhD student
Finished September 2008
Mehmet Kovacioglu, Accessing web services: "a new experience"
Demonstrating the possibilities on CE devices using an open source based prototype.

Carried out at NXP Semiconductors
Finished August 2008
Cornelia Petrutiu, A data aggregation and control solution for small-sized microcontroller lamp drivers in a network controlled system
Carried out at Philips Lighting Electronics
Stopped June 2008
Leon Merkx, Design and analysis of a safe controller for the Generic Driving Actuator
Combined masters thesis for Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science (OAS)
Carried out partly at TNO-Automotive
Finished October 2007
Tian Feng, Embedded Controller Performance
Carried out at OCÚ, Venlo.
Stopped August 2007
Athanasios Chliopanos, Video Hardware Prototyping using Off-the-shelf Programmable Hardware
Carried out at NXP.
Finished August 2007
Amar Kalloe, Providing Real-Time Performance Guarantees with Virtualization
Internship, Carried out at Philips Research Bangalore, India
Finished July 2007
Datta Inamdar, Performance Modeling in mCRL2
Masters thesis, Finished August 2006
Jeroen Gommans, Instant On for Connected Devices : Suspend and Resume
OOTI report, Finished Augustus 2005
Carried out at Philips Semiconductors
Rogier Schouten, Simulation of Hybrid Processes
Masters thesis, Finished July 2005
Peter van den Brand, Linearization of Hybrid Processes
Masters thesis, Finished September 2004
Huub van den Broek, Visualisation of Hybrid Systems
Internship, Finished 2003