2DI90 - Probability and Statistics

(Sat Dec-09-17 19:32:45)

Final Exam (Mon Aug-07-17 22:33:34)

Intermezzos (Thu Jun-22-17 11:11:46)

lectures (Tue Jun-20-17 12:40:07)

(read this before asking me for solutions) (Fri Jun-16-17 09:37:03)

homework (Wed Jun-14-17 22:35:10)

Descriptive Statistics Quiz (Tue May-30-17 13:29:36)

practice exercises from the book (Wed May-03-17 20:29:38)

Home (Wed May-03-17 20:25:29)

rational behind the office hours (Sat Apr-22-17 21:31:50)

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