Reinier Post

Employed as a Linux and software systems expert at TU Eindhoven. I work on software (mostly using C#/Java/Perl/PHP/C/SQL/HTML/jQuery/XSLT/R/VB.NET/VBA/sh - see some of my scripts) and how to use it.

At the moment, I mainly do system administration and application analysis on Linux. A current example of software I'm supporting is Sakai.

I have been involved in all sorts of projects related to software quality, including

I am custodian for several old software packages, including Petri net-based software such as ExSpect, Petriweb and Yasper.

See also my university page.

name: Reinier Post (pronounced like this)
aka: drs. R.D.J. Post
email: r.d.j.post@tue.nl
tel.: +31 40 2473428 (work)
postal address:
room MF 6.074 / MF 3.082 / MA 1.18
ICT Services 
Eindhoven University of Technology
PO Box 513, NL-5600 MB Eindhoven
the Netherlands