Cyberattacks, Crime and Defences

This used to be the Hacker's Hut course. Now that cyber-attacks have become a ''mature'' business there is a need for a new course.

Who gives this course:

Semester 1, Quartile 2. Course code: 2IMS20

Time and Place

Exam (but check with the official source!)


2020 Special Edition The video lectures of last year are available at (look for 2IMS20), or via the direct link

This year, due to the COVID restrictions, we need to refer partly to the lectures given last year. We have set up an MS TEAMS group. Check CANVAS notification for the code to join the group. Also, we have two kind of lectures (see the lecture schema in the link below).


Questions will be answered during the TEAMS meetings and NOT via email unless there are particularly good reasons for doing so.

Lab Exercise

Students will also participate in a mandatory lab exercise (worth half a point at the exam) on threat detection. Details will follow.


There is a written exam at the end of the course.

Course material and Schedule