Cyberattacks, Crime and Defences

This used to be the Hacker's Hut course. Now that cyber-attacks have become a ''mature'' business there is a need for a new course.

Who gives this course:

Semester 1, Quartile 2. Course code: 2IMS20

Time and Place




Students will also participate in a mandatory lab exercise (worth half a point at the exam) on threat detection. Participants will operate a real SOC for about 50 minutes, with the goal of detecting and reporting attacks that will be injected into the system by the lecturers. To gain the half point at the exam, participants must report correctly at least one of the injected attacks. The exercise will be run in groups of max 2 people; each group must have one laptop to participate in the exercise.


There is a written exam at the end of the course.

Course material and Schedule