How to join the security group at the TU/e

Thank you for the interest in our institution and in our group.

PhD and PostDoc positions

In our department (and basically everywhere in the Netherlands, at least for the time being), PhD and PostDocs positions are considered "regular" (though temporary) jobs, and not scholarships.

Because of this, in order to apply for a PhD or a PostDoc position at the Security group, you have to apply for one of the vacancies published at (tab "vacancies"). The vacancies available at the whole TU/e are listed at

To apply for a position, please apply for one of the vacancied and follow the procedure explained in the vacancy description. Sending one of us an email with your CV will not bring you any further, we receive too many of them to be able to handle them properly.

Bottomline: if you can't find an appropriate vacancy there is no way we can hire you. Vacancies come and go, so you might want to take a look at the site every now and then (we hire PhD students all year long).

There are no unpaid PhD/Postdoc positions. At the Security group we usually not accept PhD candidates coming "with their own scholarship".


At the Security group we simply have no internships for external students. I am very sorry about this, but applying for them is a waste of time.

Master thesis for non TU/e students

Unfortunately, at the security group we are fully booked with the supervision of our own master students, and have no spare capacity for supervising students from abroad.

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