Technical University Eindhoven

Subdepartment of Mathematics

Sarah Gaaf



Sarah Gaaf


PhD student

Scientific Computing Group

Centre for Analysis, Scientific computing and Applications (CASA)

Subdepartment of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

TU Eindhoven

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


MF 7.088


(s.w.gaaf tue nl)



+31-40-247-2753 (secretary: Enna van Dijk)


I work on an NWO "Vidi" project (2013-2018)

Research interests

«  Numerical linear algebra

«  Krylov methods


«  Sarah W. Gaaf and Elias Jarlebring, The infinite bi-Lanczos method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems, (submitted) [Pdf]

«  Sarah. W. Gaaf, V. Simoncini, Approximating the leading singular triplets of a large matrix function, Applied Numerical Mathematics 113 (2017): 26-43. [Pdf]

«  Sarah W. Gaaf and Michiel E. Hochstenbach, Probabilistic bounds for the matrix condition number with extended Lanczos bidiagonalization, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 37.5 (2015): S581-S601 [Pdf]

«  M. Bosmans, S. Gaaf, C. Groothede, R. Gupta, M. Regis, M. Tsardakas, A. Vromans, K. Vuik, Nonlinear Cochlear Dynamics, (SWI Delft proceedings, 2014) [Pdf]

«  C. Bud, J. Evers, J. Frank, S. Gaaf, R. Hoogwater, D. Lahaye, C. Meerman, E. Siero, T. van Zalen, Effective water storage as flood protection; the Rijnstrangen study case (SWI Leiden, Internal report, 2013) [Pdf]

«  S.W. Gaaf, Nonnegative energy-orthonormal bases and their relation to discrete maximum and comparison principles, (Master thesis, 2012) [Pdf]


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Sarah Gaaf
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