Natalia Sidorova

Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
Technische universiteit Eindhoven
PO Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Office          Metaforum 7.105
Tel.             +31 (0)40 2473705
Fax             +31 (0)40 2463992

Lectures Metamodeling and Interoperability (2II65)

Some old teaching materials are still available here.

PhD Students:

Helen Schonenberg:  PhD thesis What’s Next? Operational Support for Business Process Execution.

Carmen Bratosin: PhD thesis Grid Architecture for Distributed Process Mining
Jan Martijn van der Werf:  PhD thesis Compositional Design and Verification of Component-Based Information Systems
Olivia Oanea:        PhD thesis
Verification of Soundness and Other Properties of Business Processes
Natalia Yustinova: PhD thesis Abstractions and Static Analysis for Verifying Reactive Systems

Main projects

Data-Driven Value Proposition, 2015-2018 (TU/e, Philips Research) – supervising a PhD project

Mine your own body, 2014-2018 (within the TU/e-Philips program “Impulse”) – supervising a PhD project

Fit2Perform, 2014-2015 (EIT ICT Labs activity involving TU/e, Philips Research, Imperial College of London,TNO, HumanCapitalCare and other partners) - task leader

Turnout burnout, 2013 (EIT ICT Labs activity involving TU/e, Philips Research, TNO, CREATE-NET, Aalto University, Novay and HumanCapitalCare) - coordinator + task leader

Stress@work, 2012 (EIT ICT Labs activity involving TU/e, Philips Research, Aalto University, as well as HumanCapitalCare) - coordinator + task leader

"Creation of a Test Bed (Service Space) and applications for Health and Well-being", 2011 (EIT ICT Labs activity with 8 academic and industrial partners) - coordinator + task leader

"Workflow Management for Large Parallel and Distributed Applications", 2006-2010 (NWO-project, 2 PhD students and 1 postdoc) -  principal investigator

"Providing Full Life Cycle Support for Adaptive Processes by Advanced Mining Approaches", 2006-2010 (NWO project) 2006- co-promotor of a PhD student

"Route", 2006 (verification of UML activity diagrams for an external party, 3 researchers) - project leader

"Modelling and Verification of Business Processes", 2003-2007 (NWO-project, 1 PhD student and 1 postdoc) - principal investigator


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