2II30: Process Modelling

Lecturer: dr. N. Sidorova

The course is given in English.

Lectures:              Tue. 5-6 h., AUD 15
Office hours:        Tue. 15:30-16:30, HG 7.84

Process Modelling is a master course for students following INF-1.3 (curriculum: BIS), INF-1.3 (curriculum: CSE) and INF-4.3 (curriculum: TI) programs. It is given in the spring trimester. Course information, announcements, and assignments will be posted to this site.

Credits:    4 points (ECTS)

25 %  Assignment 1
25 %  Assignment 2
40 %  Assignment 3 
10 %  Assignment 4 
Read the answers to some questions about the assignments first.

Textbooks,  supplementary materials:
B. Berard et al., Systems and Software Verification. Model Checking Techniques and Tools, © Springer Verlag, 2001.
J. Desel, and J. Esparza, Free Choice Petri nets, © Cambridge University Press, 1995.
G. J. Holzmann. The SPIN Model Checker: Primer and Reference Manual. © Addison Wesley, 2003.
J. Ludewig, Models in software engineering – an introduction, Software and Systems Modeling (2003) 2: 5–14, © Springer-Verlag 2003. (to download when at TU/e)
J. M. Wing, Hints to Specifiers, CMU-CS-95-118R, May 1995.
K. van Hee, N. Sidorova, M. Voorhoeve, and J. van der Woude, Architecture of Information Systems using the theory of Petri nets. Lecture notes for Systeemmodelleren 1 (2M310), Department of Computing Science, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 2004.

Preliminary schedule (the slides of the lectures to come can still be changed):

Lecture date
April 3
Introduction to Process Modelling: pdf
April 10
Specifying requirements: pdf
April 17
Part 1: modelling: where to start?: pdf
Part 2: Spin tutorial: ptt   
A1(9), A3 (part 1)
April 24
Timed systems: pdf
5 May 1
Process equivalences, abstraction techniques: pdf
May 4: Hand-in Assignment 1 and Part 1 of Assignment 3
(paper version in my mail box  - near HG 7.74 plus a full digital version via studyweb)
May 15
Feedback on Assignment 1; Spin tutorial (cont.)
 A3 (part2)
May 22
Abstraction techniques: pdf;
Structural analysis : pdf
A2(3-6), A3 (part2)
May 29
Structural analysis : pdf A3 (part2)
June 5
Discussion: Modelling: Theory and Practice
Questions on A2, A4
A2(7-10), A4
June 7: Hand-in Assignment 3
paper version in my mail box  - near HG 7.74 plus a full digital version via studyweb)
You obtain material for the review in Assignment 4 by e-mail
June 19: Hand-in Assignments 2 and 4
paper version in my mail box  - near HG 7.74 plus a full digital version via studyweb)

Natalia Sidorova /  n.sidorova@tue.nl