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Research Interests

  • Defining and enhancing life-cycles of networks of resource-constrained embedded devices
  • Architectures for resource management, QoS management and data analytics
  • Smart spaces, Internet of Things (smart lighting in as application),

  • Data analytics for smart space applications.


  Research Institutes / Programs
  Active Projects



I presented in ILIAD: Digital Lighting in the IoT Era (2016)

Check out our demo of (virtual) IOT based intelligent ligthing.

The EIT ICT Labs project IOLS demo was presented at the inauguration of the co-location center in Eindhoven. Prince of the Netherlands, His Highness Constantijn van Oranje was among the visitors of our stand at the VIP tour.

The preliminary results we achieved in the "Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Systems" project gets visibility on the EIT ICT Labs website.


Our work in the SmaCS project was covered in a Dutch TV show SMARTLIFE (2014).

(SBS6 interview - in Dutch - with Serge Offermans starts at 9:30)


I presented in LED Talks: Learning in Lighting Systems (2013)


ALE project was covered in a Russian TV show (2013).  

(Courtesy: Remco Magielse)


Demo ALE and SmaCS projects (2013).

(Courtesy: Remco Magielse, Serge Offermans)


  Finalized Projects