I want to thank the following people:

Arjeh Cohen. He asked the initial question, and continued to be a source of inspiration and direction. He suggested for instance to use the braid notation as a starting point.

The anonymous reviewers of our paper. Their comments were very helpful, and their strong request to make the tool available was a drive to continue development and to make this website.

Colin Adams. Author of The Knot Book: An elementary introduction to the mathematical theory of knots, W.H. Freeman. A excellent and very readable introduction to the field of knot theory.

Robert Scharein has developed the totally amazing and inspiring KnotPlot package. The physical model used for smoothing of SeifertView was based on his work.

Charles Livingston and Jae Choon Cha have developed KnotInfo, an online encyclopedia of knots. If you want to know any property of any knot, consult KnotInfo. The table of knots in braid notation used in SeifertView was obtained via KnotInfo from Tom Gittings' paper Minimum Braids: A Complete Invariant of Knots and Links

Pieter Jan Stappers. For support and borrowing me The Klutz Book of Knots.