Knot gallery

Seifert surfaces are shown for a number of knots and links. All images generated with SeifertView, using selection of a knot, followed by pressing Smooth once or twice, and next Refine twice. The order corresponds with the presets of SeifertView. For the last row, strong repulsion was used.




Trefoil Figure 8
knot 52


5-foil 7-foil
knot 61 knot 62 knot 63


Two rings


Hopf ring Whitehead link


6-foil Borromean rings
Pretzel knot 2,2,2 Pretzel knot 1,3,5 Pretzel knot 1,-3,5


These were just some presets. It's more fun to define your own knot ... Try AaAa for instance.