Shape gallery

Knots and Seifert surfaces can be shown in many ways. Here a number of variations of the shape are shown. All images generated with SeifertView, using a figure 8 knot. The Sharp-Smooth slider on the Display tabsheet was set half-way, the Coarse-Fine slider to Fine. For the shape selection, presets of the Main tabsheet are used, as well as variations via the Shape tabsheet.


Stacked/Disks 1


Stacked/Disks 2 Stacked/Balls Stacked/Braid


Flat/Balls Ribbons Tubes
Stacked/Disks 1,  Smoothed Stacked/Disks 1,  Smoothed with strong repulsion Flat/Disks 1,        Smoothed with strong repulsion Split Style (tabsheet Shape)