Wieger Wesselink

Hi, my name is Wieger and I am a lecturer and scientific programmer in the Formal Systems Analysis (FSA) group.


I'm involved in the following courses


I am a developer of the mCRL2 Toolset.


Previous work

I have been working at the IPO, center for user system interaction. There I was involved with Talking Faces, programming by voice and the Visual Interaction Platform.

Before that I have worked at Utrecht University on the CGAL library, a C++ library for computational geometry algorithms.

I have written a Ph.D. thesis called Variational Modeling of Curves and Surfaces (1996). Click here for a picture of a surface that is color encoded with the curvature. Click here for a picture of a surface that was deformed by some operators. Download my thesis The code that I have written to do experiments can be downloaded here: http://www.win.tue.nl/~wieger/thesis/phd-wesselink-1.0.zip.

My hobbies

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