Examine three Google technologies from the viewpoint of a system architect with the concern of scalability and availability. The technologies are:
Your essay discusses all three of them. In particular, you
  1. document what the scalability concern comprises in these systems. Examine the definition of scalability given in the lectures and other course material and look at what type of scalability is addressed in these systems, look at metrics, parameters that change and at scalability criteria. Be precise about this part as this is decisive for your grade.
  2. give views according to the scalability and availability concerns. Note that this may include models that fit in other views as well. Explain the technical solutions chosen by the authors to achieve these qualities and examine critically if this indeed addresses the concern.
  3. examine experimental evidence that the indicated quality attribute is achieved. Argue that the right experiments are conducted or, when this information is not available, indicate experiments that would show this.
Instead of discussing the three papers above you may also select only two of them and trade the third one for the following more generic paper