Property Matrix


The property matrix visualization is designed to explore the relations between data elements of a genome size dataset. It gives the user the freedom to cross-reference low and high level data, providing a versatile environment to explore a wide range of data properties. Filter options allow the user to focus on specific data attributes, while grouping algorithms provide means to find similarities between data elements. The property matrix supports high level data elements like genome, chromosomes, BINs, and BACs and low level data elements like annotation types and annotation attributes. The matrix provides a framework to cross-reference any combination of data elements and assures a uniform visualization. Cross referencing high level with high level data provides information about the shared low level information. Cross-referencing low level with low level data provides information about common high level data. Cross-referencing high level with low level data provides an overview of occurrences of low level data elements in high level data elements. The visualization has been applied on the 'BAC by BAC' sequencing results from the Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium.

The property matrix is part of DNAVis, a tool for visualizing annotated sequences


1 2

Each row represents a BAC with a name containing '05',
each column a description annotation containing 'oryza',
each cell is colored according to the number of appearances of
the annotation (column) in the BAC (row).

Each row and column represents an annotation, each cell represents
the number of BACS that contain both annotations. Left image
is before grouping the rows and columns on minimum distance, the right
image is after grouping.