General Review Checklist for All Documents

This checklist is NOT intended as a starting point to write a document.
It does NOT necessarily cover all aspects relevant for this type of document.
This checklist is intended only as an aid in checking a completed document.

  1. Has the Process for 2IM24/25 been applied properly?
  2. Has the document been subjected to the project's Quality Assurance procedures? (SQAP, e.g. spelling & grammar check.)
  3. Has the document been entered into the the project's Configuration Management system? (SCMP.)
  4. Has the document been subjected to an internal review?
  5. Are all open issues clearly marked as such? (TBD=`To Be Defined'.)
  6. Is the relationship to prerequisite documents explicitly stated? (e.g. in SRD, link to URD should be clear)
  7. Is the content consistent with other documents?
  8. Is terminology used consistently, both within a document and across documents? (One term for one thing. Each term refers to only one thing, each thing is referred to by only one term.)
  9. Is the section of Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations complete? (Possibly include reference from this section to main text for details.)
  10. Is duplication of information avoided? (Cross-reference, rather than copy.)
    In particular,
  11. Are the references to other material
    1. complete? (No missing references, e.g. to Interface Control Document (ICD).)
    2. precise? (Including author(s), title, publisher, year, and for journals also volume/number.)
    3. generally accessible and durable? (Not to a webpage that is likely to disappear soon.)

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