Software Engineering Assignments 2006

Assignments for the course Software Engineering (2IP30) in 2006.

Three Smaller Assignments

These assignments can be done by the groups of Componenten 2. They concern the product to be developed for Componenten 2.


This is the schedule you are expected to honor for SE:

Mon 25-Sep-2006Requirements
Requirements Document
Wed 04-Oct-2006ReviewingRequirements Review Report
Wed 18-Oct-2006Test PlanningUnit and Integration Test Plans


The essay should be about an approved topic (see below for suggestions; your own suggestions are welcome) and it should be chosen in advance. When you want to take the essay option, each group needs to send me:

Here are some constraints:

List of topics (note that these concern mostly some "idea"; you will have to find additional related material):

  1. "Strategic Directions in Software Engineering and Programming Lan guages" by Carl Gunter, John Mitchell, and David Notkin in ACM Computing Surveys 28(4):727-737. [SE+AvP]
  2. "Do we know enough to teach software engineering?" by N. Zvegintzov in IEEE Software, 20(5):112-111 [SE+AvP]
  3. PHP evaluated from a software engineering perspective [SE+AvP]
  4. Python evaluated from a software engineering perspective [SE+AvP]
  5. "Software quality is still a work in progress, offshore and in the U.S." by Mark Willoughby in Computerworld (15-Sep-2003) [SE-only]
  6. "New Findings Shake Up Open-Source Debate" by Mike Martin in NewsFactor Network (18-Sep-2003) [SE-only]
  7. "Embedded Guru Advocates 'Bug-Free' Software" by Nicolas Mokhoff in EE Times (16-Sep-2003) [SE-only]
  8. "Testing information systems during development will prevent problems in EurekAlert (16-Sep-2003) [SE-only]
  9. "Buggy software taking toll" by Chris Cobbs in Orlando Sentinel (05-Oct-2003) [SE-only]
  10. "Rethinking Software Testing" by David Rubinstein in Software Development Times No.87, p.29 (01-Oct-2003) [SE-only]
  11. "The Future of Software Bugs" by Patrick Thibodeau in Computerworld 31(49):32 (27-Oct-2003) [SE-only]
  12. "Open-Source Practices May Help Improve Software Engineering" in Newswise (12/03/03) [SE-only]
  13. "Why Software Quality Stinks" by Jon Surmacz in CIO (12/01/03) Vol. 17, No. 5, P. 28 [SE-only]
  14. "Unplugged: Charles Simonyi creates software intentionally" by Dan Farber in Tech Update (02/15/04) [SE-only, though combination with AvP can be discussed]
  15. "A Copper Bullet for Software Quality Improvement" by Michael Blaha in IEEE Computer, 37(2):21-25 (Feb. 2004) [SE-only]
  16. "Are You Ready for MDA?" by Scott W. Ambler in Software Development (02/20/04) (zie ook Examining the Model Driven Architecture (MDA)) [SE-only]
  17. "Death by UML Fever" by Alex E. Bell in ACM Queue, 2(1):72-81 (March 2004) [SE-only]
  18. "Why Software Still Stinks" by Scott Rosenberg in (03/19/04) [SE-only]
  19. "Tough Road to Quality Code" by Laurie Sullivan in InformationWeek (03/15/04) No. 980, P. 51 [SE-only]
  20. "Why Software Quality Matters" by Deborah Gage et al. in Baseline (03/04) Vol. 1, No. 28, P. 32 [SE-only]
  21. "Is Programming Dead?" by Jon Collins, on (23/04/04). [SE-only]
  22. "Why Certifying IT Workers Won't Help" by Martin Brampton on ZDNet (27-April-2004) [SE-only]
  23. "Federal Programmers Get Agile" by John Zyskowski in Federal Computer Week (04/26/04) Vol. 18, No. 12, P. 44 [SE-only]
  24. "Finding Out What's Bugging Computers" by Kevin Coughlin in The Star-Ledger (06-Jun-2004) [SE-only]
  25. "Location! Location! Location!" by Adam Kolawa in Better Software Vol. 6, No. 5, p. 32 [SE-only]
  26. "Software Fuse Shorts Bugs" by Kimberly Patch in Technology Research News (07-Jul-2004) [SE-only]
  27. "Father of Visual Basic Begs: Stop the Insanity!" by Lynn Greiner in (09-Jul-2004) [SE-only]
  28. "While Rome Burns?" by Rick Wayne et al. in Software Development 12(7):48 [SE-only]
  29. "The New Rules" by Scott W. Ambler. in Software Development 12(9):83 [SE-only]
  30. "Q&A: Agile Software Development Maximizes Project Rewards" by Stephen Swoyer. in Enterprise Systems (12-Oct-2004) [SE-only]
  31. "The Quest for Secure Code" by Mary Kirwan. in Globe and Mail (12-Oct-2004) [SE-only]
  32. "Better Software Through Source Code Analysis" by Jon Udell. in InfoWorld 26(44):47 (11/01/04) [SE-only]
  33. "Software Factories Come Into Modern Times" by Stephen Swoyer. in Application Development Trends 11(12):24 (Dec. 2004) [SE-only]
  34. "Postmodern Software Development" by Robert E. Filman. in Internet Computing 9(1):4 (5 Feb. 2005) [SE and AvP]
  35. "The Myth of the Best Practices Silver Bullet" by Michael W. Evans, Connie Segura, Frank Doherty. in STSC CrossTalk (Sep.'05; p.14) [SE-only]
  36. "Unified--and Agile" by Scot W. Ambler in Software Development (01/06) 14(1):49
  37. "Make Your Development Process More Transparent" by Tracy Ragan in Software Test & Performance (01/06) 3(1):26
  38. "Agile Programming Has Fallen Short, Conference Told" by Paul Krill in InfoWorld (13-Mar-2006)
  39. "A Tiered Test Approach to Validating Software" by Aditya Dada in Software Test & Performance 3(3):33
  40. "Take the Agile Path to True Balance" by Dean Leffingwell in Software Test & Performance 3(6):26
  41. "Software Tools Detect Bugs by Inferring Programmer's Intentions" by James Kloeppel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 6 July 2006
  42. "The Future of Programming: Less Is More" by Daryl K. Taft, eWeek, 28 August 2006
  43. "Avoiding the Most Common Software Development Goofs" by Ben Chelf, Dr. Dobb's Journal, 17 September 2006
  44. "Software Development Methodology Today" by Bijay K. Jayaswal and Peter C. Patton, InformIT, 22 September 2006
  45. "Scott Rosenberg: What Makes Software So Hard" by Edward Cone, CIO Insight, 5 January 2007
  46. "The Trouble With Software Quality Control" by Colin Armitage, Dr. Dobb's Journal, 5 February 2007
  47. To Be Extended

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